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Chunks of color
chunks of care
chunks of hope and of despair.
Make with those four what you can.
Chunks of life
of light
of warmth
of love.
With all of these we became one.
Chunks of courage
of trust
of wisdom
of belief.
We made our world, a distant land.
Where we are rulers and nothing slips past
our outstretched hands.
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Beautifully broken
Everything is beautifully broken.
Words, hearts, dreams.
Everyone has a purpose, even the unjust.
Life is a series of puzzles, sometimes the pieces are missing and you have to search.
My search is over, I have found my missing piece, the one piece to complete the picture that I've been working on for years.
It took pain, loss, tears, courage, and hope to find but it turned up in an unlikely place.
Out of fear, in my own hell, I found the piece that made the whole.
The love that I have found was worth the risk, the jump was worth the fall,
the fall was worth the scars, because in the end a beautifully broken heart became a shining star again.
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1 by liquidanxiety 1 :iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 0 0 Teen Titans Ringtone by liquidanxiety Teen Titans Ringtone :iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 80 55 PC LOVE by liquidanxiety PC LOVE :iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 0 6 Please don't break my heart by liquidanxiety Please don't break my heart :iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 0 0 Warning signs 2 by liquidanxiety Warning signs 2 :iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 0 0
Self destruct
Self destruction is the key.
I'm my own worst enemy
tearing at my skin
ripping at my hair
screaming for the world to hear.
No one listens.
The cut has to be precise
or the feeling has no meaning
the release not as sweet.
The knife seperates my world
from yours.
I know when to stop
yet you think that I
can't control myself.
I know how it feels to
hate myself everyday.
24 hours 7 days a week
like an abuse victim
hiding from the world.
I am my own abuser no one
holds the key to my pain
I know how to make it hurt
and make it go away.
My life is not yours
to judge.
I hurt myself because no one
can help me.
No one understands
no one listens.
I scream for help but no one hears
no one notices and yet
everyone that sees through me
thinks I'm insane
I'm unstable
I'm not alright
and they don't reach out
they just throw me away
because I'm defective in their eyes.
Now I understand why the world is so cruel
it takes a lot to be fake like you
I know how to keep myself level
I know how to hide my pai
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Slaves of love
She cried in the hallway as she left for the day
her work twisted and thrown in her face
nothing could prepare her for what she was about to meet
the way the earth felt when it scraped her knees
as he hit her in the stomach with his fists
nothing would ever prepare her for this
He lifted her up and hit her again
over and over he hit and hit
until he got what he wanted
that line of promise
"I'll never do it again I swear."
Lie upon lie looked her square in the face
as she lay in all of her mistakes
this was the one she'd regret the most
she could have stood up to the man who
never loved her, never cared, never wanted to be
anything in her life except her abuser
she stayed in her hate and her pain
her mistakes spinning around her like
leaves falling, words stabbing
and regrets so deep she could drown in.
The love, the hate, the mistakes we make
to fit in, to feel loved, to be wanted.
We make ourselves live in our own special hell and for what purpose?
To carry the torch of someon
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Hope fails
the only way
it will work is if we ever
leave this world alive
nothing can survive
Not your love
or lies
or time
or wishes
or wants.
Torches burn
your dreams on
the way out the door
of life.
Torches will consume you
as you reach for the things
we leave behind
:iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 0 0
Letters to a rouge
I can remember the times before you left, the skipping school taco bell ride around and hope we don't get caught days. The let's play pool or haunt main, get me fired from my shitty job because being friends with you is more important than the pocket change days. The days I yelled at my boyfriend on the phone in the school parking lot smoking a cigarette and you defended me to the ends of the earth. Getting high in the old house thinking these were the days and life couldn't get any better. The midnight trips and the call to the cops because my mom was being weird. I was so caught up in the good times I forgot to slow down and take it all in. Save the memories for rainy days because those were the best days of my teenage life. Days I took for granted thinking they wouldn't end. I forgot the cardinal rule, high school doesn't last forever. When we graduated something changed, we started slipping. Understandable given the circumstances. You had your life and I had mine. Phone calls unans
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Cheap birthday by liquidanxiety Cheap birthday :iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 0 2 Christmas at the beach by liquidanxiety Christmas at the beach :iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 1 0 Not for free by liquidanxiety Not for free :iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 0 0
The miles between us seem so long
another lonely road to walk along.
Alone again thinking this time it's the end
Nothing could prepare me for
the call I got when I was sitting on the beach
tears falling down, reminding me of why
you left, what you said, what I did.
I never expected you to apologize, or show up.
I don't even know how you found me but
The way I felt when the tears were falling is nothing compared
to how the rain felt when the downpour started
the way I melted into your arms.
Stumbled up and down the coast, trying to find a way to keep
you close, closer, forever.
You stayed and I smiled
you promised a restart
As long as this doesn't mess with my damaged heart
you'll get a yes
right between the eyes with a bullet from my .45
Don't expect me to love you when there was no love for me
I don't care how much I hurt you, you killed me.
Nothing matters any more
nothing makes sense
I hate the way you can make my words.... Twist.
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Return of pluto by liquidanxiety Return of pluto :iconliquidanxiety:liquidanxiety 0 0


To Jack McCoy...
To Jack McCoy
Your eyebrows could be compared
To the rainforests of Brazil
Perhaps your face correlated
To the wrinkly, yet lovable mug of a pug
And your voice related
To sandpaper on metal
Every case
May not lend itself
Victoriously to a Guilty verdict
But in the records of time
It will be your attempt
Even if only feeble
That is left behind
And even so,
You’re still the prosecutor-
Ancient as the Redwoods of California-
Who battles crime and injustice
Until his extensive talent
Extends no more
And who will, no matter what
Always be
My prosecutor
:iconmayonakakiseki:MayonakaKiseki 2 3
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Mind Games
You play the victim in all that you do/
And it's because of your immaturity that I'm through with you/
I have moved on and likewise you should do the same/
Because I will never give you the satisfaction of my last name/
You claimed that all you ever wanted was to be my wife/
But you chose him that night you tore apart my life/
So don't play these petty games when you are the one to blame/
For the destruction and fire that continues to maim/
We both crashed in this fiery mess/
I'm sorry that I tried to move forward and you got caught in the stress/
But I can't put my life on hold until you are ready to live again/
And because of your inability to move, we can no longer be friends//
:iconv-princecharming-v:v-PrinceCharming-v 2 5
Fire With Fire
You claim to disown me
And not want to know me
But I was your past
And you can't hide forever
I'm sorry that he gave you
Something I apparently never did
But at least in the end
I wasn't the one boasting
Of newfound love or hope
Even though this is what I found
All in a girl with a smile
That broke through my frown
And it's not who you'd expect 
Even though yours is painted in bold
And at least our last time together
Meant something for me
And I feel like you stole 
From the very depths of my soul
That night you slept with me
With him on your mind
And it's an unforgivable sin
One I can not overlook
So I too can say I'm glad forgetting
All the shitty memories of the past//
:iconv-princecharming-v:v-PrinceCharming-v 2 5
Not Running
Did you knock knock on my door
wth your phone still in your hands?
Did the car break down an hour ago?
Where the windows have no light
and the eagles lay to rest.
Where the arms are, I got the prize.
I bow my head and say my prayers.
May God bless what I do.
Any one of us could be next.
Because my time is never wasted,
my heart can never smash,
I am strong and I am alive.
Don't you give it all to me.
I'm cold blooded
and not running.
I'm all rock and ancient ice.
Don't mind it.
I'm behind you.
I won't wrap around a finger
unless I'm taking you down.
I don't need no more impressing.
Some days I wake up avid
enough to take out an eye.
I never knew I could do that before.
My foot gets first in the door.
Any time now I'll get to you.
I'm the type to blow out the lights.
Go and try to push me down.
You haven't got the candle to hold.
You haven't got a spear to throw.
You don't...
You don't get the best of me.
I'm cold blooded.
I don't run and
You can't turn me down a notch.
I'm hot bodied
:iconveilalice:VeilAlice 2 2
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Holy shit. Thank you!!! To everyone that is a watcher of my page thank you. To those that just casually dropped in thank you. I'm so excited I'm bouncing off the walls right now!! This is amazing. I haven't been on dA in about a year and to come back to this is huge!!! Thank you so much!!! If you're wondering what I'm up to know I just started a blog over at help me out and check that out!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! New work will be posted in the future! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!


Hope on a rope...
United States
"hope is stronger than a hurricane" - red cross ad


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